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Our Vision is to empower communities and strive to alleviate poverty by providing affordable quality education in STEHM. We are catering to groom pupils in the Primary and Secondary schools educational programs to be inspired, ready and motivated to contribute in the growing need of technological innovations in Sierra Leone.

It's a big gap to bridge, poverty continues to cripple the future of STEHM, 80% of new  jobs in the next decade will require some form of math and science skills. 

Our Education Movement challenges the status quo, we will  fight for solutions that will transform societies.

We are constructing a STEHM Primary and Secondary school in Sierra Leone Macdonald village Off Peninsular road to prepare young minds with emerging technical education.  

We are providing an enabling environment and increasing access to STEAHM education and educational facilities through fostering community-based educational campus focusing on both the conventional STEAHM education and developing locally needed training in welding, carpentry, brick making, Digital media, textiles, tailoring, Graphic design, Videography etc.

We will be conducting outreach and campaigns to enlighten/ educate people in the rural areas of Sierra Leone about the existing and emerging everyday use of technology gadgets and platforms. Our  activities will be educating people on how to connect to Facebook, how to use Google chats, AI chats, WhatsApp, X, and other platforms to communicate, connect with other communities, create support groups, and how it can benefit their communities.

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Driven by our passion for making an impact and inspiring change, our Education Movement is always expanding our understanding of contemporary issues and developing campaigns pushing for positive solutions. Learn more about our focus below.


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Donating to Sugar Loaf STEAHM Foundation allows us to reach more students and communities, directly impacting more youth with skills to improve STEAHM Education for our community. Thank you for your generosity!


Sponsor a GIRL to pursue a career in STEAHM:  You can support a Primary/Secondary school Girl with $500 Annually including tuition and related school activities.  You can help a Girl earn a degree in STEAHM with $5000, this will carter for her 4years tuition and all related school activities. 

You can sponsor the shipment of a 40ft container of  donations to Sierra Leone from Oregon for $10,000.  We are continuously collecting donations of used clothing, shoes, bag packs, electronics and other related school and everyday use items to support STEAHM campaigns. 

Support our regional schools focus on creating the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians: $2000 can help purchase science and engineering equipment for the school.

Sponsor student groups visiting industry to observe real-world applications of science, math, and engineering for themselves: Spark a new generation of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs! $1500 will support a group of up to 100 students.


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